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More about us

We provide a welcoming and supportive environment in which to develop business relationships. You will find our meetings structured but also informal and fun. Our approach to business networking has evolved over time into something we know people are comfortable with.

There is no full-on pressure to provide referrals every week – we believe that one good referral is worth a hundred poor ones, and that's what we all prefer, good sound business opportunities.

Our independence means that we can set our own agendas. Along with our weekly breakfast meetings we also arrange local training, seminars, guest speakers, charitable and social events. 

Tell us in 60 seconds

We endeavour to keep the sixty seconds relaxed so that members feel comfortable speaking to an audience. It allows you to present yourself to a group of people who want to know what you do, how you do it, what kind of business you want to attract and a whole lot more. It's really not that bad.

We network to generate business, and part of that involves talking about our products and services, so along with the sixty second slots we also run periodic one-to-one sessions that allow more time to learn about each other. Over time this increases understanding and trust, allowing us to recognise and exploit new business opportunities – it's like having an extended marketing team working on your behalf.



Referrals and recommendations tend to be the most effective and least expensive method of developing business yet many companies do not have a strategy in place to achieve this. We can help you become more effective in this area.

Is the Bath Business Club right for you?

The only way to know for sure is to come along and see for yourself. We can quote you statistics, but ultimately it comes down to the mix of individuals and what we can mutually achieve together.