Why is it important to have an independent club like ours?

The Bath Business Club is not externally owned or part of a franchise which means we can run the club in the best possible way for the benefit of all our members, without having to follow anyone else's edicts. The money we raise through membership fees is reinvested into the club to promote it, provide training where appropriate and support our local charities.

For ten years we have provided a forum for local businesses to meet, get to know each other and develop new business. This might be through referrals or being able to draw upon the members vast pool of knowledge and experience. We are flexible and adaptive which allows us to make decisions for the benefit of the group, provide free places for young entrepreneurs and develop external relationships with other organisations, local MP's and charities.

We are keen to develop our businesses but that doesn't mean we can't have some fun along the way. Our meetings are informal and entertaining, we have a pétanque team that occasionally doesn't lose and we organise social events on an ad hoc basis.

Our members are passionate about their businesses and welcome the opportunity to meet like minded individuals, so take the plunge and come and have breakfast with us. 

Referrals based networking

The Bath Business Club is an independent organisation built on strong relationships and clear objectives. We value the the quality of our referrals over quantity. The support, expertise and mentoring we can offer new and existing businesses helps make us unique.

Our weekly meetings are friendly, non-pressurised forums in which to develop more profound relationships and are the best way for you to see how we could work for you.

Breakfast meetings

We meet every Tuesday morning at 7.30am, currently at the Locksbrook Inn 103 Locksbrook Rd, Bath BA1 3EN. You are welcome to attend any of our regular meetings. Simply e-mail us the date you would like to attend and your choice of breakfast (cooked, vegetarian or continental). The cost of breakfast is £15.00 payable on the day.

We hold regular larger networking events details of which can be found on our events page.



Whether you are looking to increase sales and profitability, develop a new business or expand your range of contacts, we offer a flexible and affordable membership structure that we believe represents the best value for money of any comparable club in Bath.

You can attend up to three meetings before making a decision on whether we would be a good fit for you - so come along and tell us about your business!